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Staedtler 110 Tradition F Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-F
Staedtler 110 Tradition 2B Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-2B
Staedtler 110 Tradition 4B Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-4B
Staedtler 110 Tradition HB Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-HB
Staedtler 110 Tradition 4H Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-4H
Staedtler 110 Tradition 2H Pencil Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 110-2H
ValueX HB Pencil Rubber Tip Red Barrel (Pack 12) - 785100
ValueX HB Pencil Hexagonal-Shaped Red Barrel (Pack 12) - 785000
ValueX HB Pencil Dipped End Red Barrel (Pack 12) - 785800
ValueX Wooden Half Pencils HB Natural Colour (Pack 144) 28STK032
Initiative HB Eraser Tip Pencil With Blue Hexagonal Barrel
Initiative HB Pencil With Blue Hexagonal Barrel
C1 HB Wood Pencil Classpack
STABILO EASYgraph HB Pencil Left Handed (Pack 2) - B-39888-5
STABILO EASYgraph HB Pencil Right Handed (Pack 2) - B-39890-10
Staedtler Noris HB Pencil Yellow/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 120-2
Staedtler Noris 2B Pencil Yellow/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 120-0
Staedtler Noris HB Pencil Rubber Tip Yellow/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 122-HB
Staedtler 112 Tradition HB Pencil Rubber Tip Red/Black Barrel (Pack 12) - 112HBRT
Staedtler Tradition Sketching Pencil Assorted Grades (Pack 6) - 61110C6
Bic Stripes HB Pencils Eraser Tip Assorted Blister (Pack of 3) 8902781
Bic Stripes HB Pencils Eraser Tip Assorted (Pack of 12) 8960342
Classmaster HB Pencil Eraser Tip (Pack of 12) GP12HBET
Classmaster HB Pencil (Pack of 144) GP144HB
Classmaster 2B Pencil (Pack of 12) GP122B
Classmaster HB Pencil (Pack of 12) GP12HB
Classmaster HB Pencil (Pack of 500) GP500HBG
ReCreate Treesaver Recycled HB Pencil (Pack of 72) TREE72HBT
Classmaster HB Pencil Eraser Tip (Pack of 144) GP144HBET
ReCreate Treesaver Recycled HB Pencil (Pack of 12) TREE12HB
Graffico Eraser Tip Pencil HB (Pack of 144) EN05985
Graffico Pencil HB (Pack of 12) EN05986
Graffico Pencil HB (Pack of 144) EN05987
Graffico Pencil HB (Pack of 500) EN05988
Q-Connect HB Rubber Tipped Office Pencil (Pack of 12) KF25011
Q-Connect HB Office Pencil (Pack of 12) KF26072
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